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We can plan and execute an entire conference or individual pieces of your meeting.

Site / Venue Selection
Eventive Meetings will research and identify the best locations based on your needs.  A complete evaluation of the event space, accommodations, city activities, transportation and suppliers will assist in making an informed choice for your event location.

Contract Negotiations
Eventive Meetings will negotiate the best possible deal for your organization when dealing with venues and suppliers.  In addition, Eventive Meetings can manage existing contracts for compliance and look for upgrades to enhance your benefits.

Budget Creation, Compliance & Management
Eventive Meetings specializes in creating comprehensive budgets taking both revenue and expenses into account.  Obtaining vendor quotes before the budget is made; timely updates and revenue management will ensure your event’s financial success.

Program & Content Development
Eventive Meetings will assist in developing clear objectives for your meeting by conducting a needs assessment.  From there, measurable goals are created to direct the planning, marketing and content development with your organization, staff and contracted vendors.

Sponsorship Management
Why would sponsors want to be involved with your event and what would they get out of it?  How would attendees leave the event and remember the sponsors?  Eventive Meetings can make sure you put the proper sponsorship program together from the initial sales call to the onsite promotional materials. 

Vendor Management
Eventive Meetings can handle the myriad of details associated with multiple vendors.  We have established relationships with many suppliers such as audio visual, caterers, decorators, shipping, entertainers,  florists, rental companies and that’s just to name a few!

Guest Speaker & Keynote Speaker Management
Eventive Meetings will prepare all details for speakers from contracting, honorariums and transportation to presentation delivery and content. 

Exhibitor / Expo Management
Eventive Meetings will manage trade show decorators, floor plans, exhibitor registrations, booth placement, and traffic flow for a seamless expo execution.

Audio & Visual  Production Management
Eventive Meetings will make sure the appropriate company is selected for your audio visual needs.  Looking at doing an opening video for the general session or large scale production for an awards show? We will come up with creative concepts that will convey your organizations key messages to attendees and manage the process through completion.

Onsite Execution
Do you have the event planned, but need experienced staff to make sure it is executed smoothly and efficiently?  Eventive Meetings expertise in all areas of event and meeting management will ensure everything goes as planned.

Post Event Reports / ROI
After your event, Eventive Meetings will analyze budgets, onsite execution reports and attendee evaluations to create final reports of goal fulfillment and return on investment for the organization.

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